Royal Solo 8M Kitesurfing Freestyle Wave Kite with Royal Pump

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Royal Solo 8 Meter Kite & Pump


This highly sought after by those in the
know Royal Solo is not only new in the factory bag but one of the most
hard-core performing C-Hybrid designs ever done. When renowned kite
designer, Simone Vanucci (formerly RRD), creates a wind tool, he does it
without compromise. If you are riding freestyle, unhooked, waves or
working you way towards these styles, look no further and do yourself a
favor by grabbing this screamin’ deal of a hard-core performance kite
package for probably THE best bang for the performance buck available
right now!! Grab one of the last few of these gems in existence before
they’re gone for good!

Royal Kiteboarding draws back the curtain for the Solo. The Royal Solo has C-kite strength and speed in style and
design. You won’t be disappointed.

The SOLO is the kite with the narrowest
Leading Edge arc. Because of this, it is the most reactive, fastest
turning and best at flying un-hooked kite. We suggest it to riders who
love to do tricks un-hooked and/or a type of riding that requires the
most reactive and aggressive kite.

Ready for the trigger to be pulled, this kite reacts to a rider’s
impulses. The closed arch is part of the design and with only four
struts it maintains a lofty feel with a better capacity to fly.

Royal always promotes stylish and
straightforward products. This easy loading kite bag is spacious and can
be worn like a satchel or a backpack. Thanks to the openings at the
base of the bag the kite can dry while contained and release any sand
that was picked up on the beach. The design of this bag avoids any
tearing or ripping to kite by using a drawstring sack and outside
buckles. Inside there is a pocket for storing something small like a
T-shirt, wetsuit, water bottle or a towel.

Solo Tech Spec:

  • Aspect Ratio 4.98
  • 5 struts
  • One Pump
  • Pulley free
  • Triple reinforced stitching
  • Valve for faster deflation


Package Includes:

  • Kite
  • Bag 
  • Royal Pump


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