NPX Cult SE 2/2mm Shorty Kiteboarding Kitesurfing WindSurfing Watersport Wetsuit

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NPX Cult SE Shorty 2/2mm kitesurfing Water Sports Wetsuit

Special Factory Run with Special Graphics and Colors

Standard spring and summer shorty.  Just enough to keep you in the water when it gets a little bit chilly.

Flatlock seams are used throughout the suit. Flatlock is neither wind
nor water tight, which implies this seam stitch is mainly used in
summer wetsuits.

It is not always warm in the summer, and there are times when just a
bit of protection is needed. Cult suits are designed to insulate, but
not to protect from the cold.

Material Quality
Stretch and flexibility are the most important requirements in the
upper body of our wetsuits, so the Cult is constructed with Apex Flex
just like the Zealot and Assassin. Dura Flex neoprene is used in the
lower body so that the wetsuit can sustain more wear and tear over time.

• Charcoal contrast stitch
• Elastic key loop on inside back panel
• Velcro attachment for zipper pull

The Cult is about stripping a wetsuit down to only what’s most
important. The result is an affordable wetsuit that is still NPX at the

Wetsuits should fit snugly for best results

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Weight 48.00 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 7 in


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