Mystic Force Shield Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Seat Harness, Size Small


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Suitable for riders of all ages, genders, and ability levels, the Mystic Force Shield is a great first harness for someone looking to get into the sport of kiteboarding. This is a harness that will grow with you as you progress in your kiting abilities, taking everything you can dish out. The Mystic Force Shield Harness is only slightly less feature-packed than its sibling; The Mystic Supporter. Despite this, the Mystic Force Shield is still going to give you an outrageously comfortable kiteboarding experience. Waist harnesses channel the power from the kite to a lower position on your body instead of onto your ribcage which happens more often with waist harnesses. Because of this, unhooking becomes much more difficult, but it does make your ride a lot more comfortable. The Mystic Force Shield makes your ride comfortable, even if you’re out on the water for hours.


  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Comfortable foam panels
  • Double power leash rings
  • Multi hook | clickerbar 3.0 | 2 point fixation (legstraps)
  • Spreaderbar protector
  • Heavy duty seat part
  • Comfortable legstraps
  • Detachable handle



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