Crazyfly Cooler Ice Chest Bag Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Cooler


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Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 13 Inches

New Crazyfly Cooler Bag is the perfect combination of thick heavy-duty insulation to keep ’em cold with space saving functionality.  The Crazyfly Cooler takes up less space in storage or transit than a standard hard cooler, but will take the abuse of constant use.

The rubberized inner (same tough material used in Sand Weight Bags and Sand Anchors) is designed and constructed in a way that keeps the water inside as the ice melts, so no leaking through the bottom seams.  The 1+-inch insulation is 3 times the thickness of standard soft coolers to keep things colder longer.  The side handles and shoulder strap make it convenient to carry with 2 hands or hands-free, and the hang tag on the back makes hanging it up for storage a snap.

The Crazyfly Cooler holds 24 Cans or 12 Bottles with ease, so plenty of drinks or food to go around, and the color pattern makes it easy to identify while keeping it clean looking.  The extra pocket in front is great for storing bottle openers, corkscrews, keys, wallets, ID’s, money, and much more.  Beat the heat with your own cold storage for food and drinks, and at a great price!


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