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This ABoards Escape kite specific kite snowboard will give you a true advantage over a standard downhill board for snowkiting that makes investing in a dedicated kite snowboard worthwhile. The Aboards snowkite boards are more stiff and have an edge design made so you can hold an edge against the kite much more efficiently than on a downhill board. With this ABoards kite snowboard, you will find yourself running straight and faster while holding an edge… no more of the unintentional turning or arcing you get when trying to snowkite on a standard downhill board. The Aboards snowkite boards are also wider so you can hold toeside or heelside edges without dragging your boots.

ESCAPE is an excellent all round twintip board dedicated for snowkiting and snowboarding. Outline of board as well as special parallel edge stringers and reinforced rails ensure amazingly good performance on
various terrains making this board great choice for all-zones snow riding. Camber and edge stringers also provide high control of board even when riding very fast. At the same time balanced flex tips in
combination with dynamic side-cut radius allows to stabilize board easily on various conditions be it upwind or hard terrain as well as provide massive pop for making tricks.ESCAPE snowkiteboard is true twintip board with reverse camber designed to be excellent choice for snowkiting and snowboarding. Due to rocker, excellent shape and dynamic radius this board has outstanding maneuverability and control whether it be classic or freestyle snowkiting, mountain ride, urban snowboarding or snow park.

ESCAPE board from ABoards has flat section in between the feet and upward bent tips with rocker in area after inserts till nose/tail. Board posses medium rocker of 4mm at tips. Such shape of the board provides
nice edge control in central part, whereas rockered tip excel the freestyle characteristics of the board providing skateboard like turning ability, much improved nose and tail pressing and fun in parks on rails
and pipes. Rocker shape also ensure better riding and control in wet slushy snow and powder due to upward bent tips.

Board has improved stance options with 2×6 inserts for every feet. Stance ranging between 52cm-70cm.



Riding features of ESCAPE:

  • All-zones snow riding
  • Balanced pop and flex
  • Edge and upwind control in central part
  • Snowkiting + Snowboarding
  • Stance 52cm-70cm

 Technology features of ESCAPE:

  • Escape camber with kiteboard like rocker 4mm
  • True twintip with centered waist
  • Dynamic side-cut radius
  • 100% strong wood core with edge stringers
  • Widened tips and tail shape
  • Durable top sheet and antiscratch cover


Available only in 155cm


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 15 × 4 in


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